wHY documentary lifestyle photography?

Because... you can relax and the kids can play, because laughter, real smiles (no cheese), curiosity, stolen glances, the way he scrunches his nose, new parents, empty-nesters, babies crying and doing cute baby things, old photographs and photo albums, everyday moments and routines will create some of your most treasured memories, family bonding, sibling dynamics, Saturday mornings, couples in the kitchen, local exploration, windblown hair, hands that tell stories…

Because right now is already gone.

When booking, clients have said they were looking for "something different." This is it.

I’m a photographer because there is beauty in the everyday. Because I love the printed photo. Because beautiful moments are happening and you deserve to be in them. Because life doesn’t stand still and neither do the people in it.

Let’s chat and see if the documentary lifestyle is the right fit for you.


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This video has sound, so be sure to turn down the volume if you're sneaking a peek. :)