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Moving // Los Angeles Family Photographer

That feeling of moving into a new home—the excitement, the chaos. It all goes by so slowly and, yet, so quickly. And then, for many, before you know it, you're off to move again.

This new home may be your first as a couple. It may be where you found out you were expecting a little one or the only home your children know. It may be where family dinners are hosted, and friends gather to watch football...

Whether you're moving into someplace new or moving out of something full of memories, those moments are fleeting and fast. You're busy, the kids are running around from excitement (or sometimes boredom), but still, there's something about this time. Moving signifies a new beginning as you look forward to where you're going and an appreciation of where you've been.

Moving is beautiful.

P.S. The images you see on the canvases up there were from previous photo sessions with this beautiful family. If you're looking for artwork like this for your family home, send us a note and let's chat!